Vehicle Types

Our service encompasses a wide range of assessments

  • Cars

  • Everything from standard road cars to classic cars, we can cater to your requirements. Whether you own a Ford Capri or an Audi R8, we understand that your car is your pride and joy, and will ensure that the repair process runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • Motorcycles

  • Everything from Sports bikes to tourers, we can cater to your requirements. Our engineers are equipped with the knowledge required to accurately report on everything from Kawasaki to Harley Davidson.

  • Vans

  • From regular Box / Luton vans to Camper Conversions and Refrigerated Vehicles, we can cater to your requirements. Whether you drive a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter, we appreciate that time spent off the road is money lost, and will ensure that repairs are carried out in the most efficient way possible to minimize loss of earnings.

  • Caravans

  • The number of touring caravans, static caravans, and motorhomes in the UK is estimated to be in excess of one million. We understand that you caravan is an extension of your home and have been carrying out inspections of this nature on behalf of major insurers and private owners alike for over 10 years. We have excellent working relationships with main dealers for brands such as Swift, Elddis, Lunar and Willerby.

  • Coaches

  • Whether you own a mini bus, or a 52 seater, we are experts in the repair processes for vehicles of this nature. We are familiar with the repair processes required to reinstate this type of vehicle to its pre accident condition and have it back in service as quickly as possible.

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • From MAN to Iveco we appreciate that time spent off the road is money lost, and will ensure that repairs are carried out in the most efficient way possible to minimize loss of earnings.

  • Agricultural, Plant & Attachments

  • We act as independent engineer for most major agricultural insurance firms and brokers. Everything from Tractors to combines. Whether your machine has sustained accident damage, or has suffered ingestion, we have relationships with main dealers for everything from John Deere to JCB to ensure you experience minimum delays in having your vehicle returned to service.

  • Specialist Vehicles

  • We act as independent engineer for a number of council bodies throughout Scotland, and are no stranger to the specialist vehicles required to keep the country ticking over. We have experience in everything from Gritter Bodys and Bin Lorries, to Street Sweepers and Grass Machinery.

Accident Damage Reports

We produce around 500 accident damage reports on behalf of our clients on a monthly basis.  From the initial contact to the final report, our experienced claims handlers will guide you through the process and provide a personal focussed account of the inspection and reporting process.

  • Instruction via E-mail, Telephone, or Fax
  • Inspection within 48 hours of initial contact with your client
  • Report generally available within 24 hours of inspection, and repairs authorised where applicable
  • Invoice / Repair account checked and approved when available

Post Repair Inspections

We appreciate that whilst you care for your vehicle, you may not be in a position to discern a good repair from a poor repair.  Our engineers have decades of experience in the motor industry and will pass comment on the standard of repairs.  This service is particularly useful for insurance providers who have had issues with customer complaints and require the repair to be signed off before being returned to the customer.

Customer Complaint Procedure

Sub-standard repairs are a problem which affects our industry.  As the volume of vehicles repaired increases, body shops are put under pressure to complete the job quicker, resulting in rushed quality control and a poor standard of repairs.  Our engineers will:

  • Carry out a physical inspection of your vehicle, with you present and take high quality digital images of any areas of concern
  • Review original repair documentation to establish liability
  • Advise the repairing garage of any rectification work required / discuss rectification costs with your chosen repairer
  • Carry out a post repair inspection following rectification to ensure that the work has been completed to an acceptable, safe standard.

Diminution in Value

Diminution in value is the loss of value on a vehicle which has been accident damaged and subsequently repaired.  This is based on the principal that if there are 2 identical vehicles for sale, and one has a history of damage, regardless of the standard of repairs, it is worth considerably less than its counterpart.  This can cause problems for the consumer if, for example, you trade the vehicle into a dealership, their offer will be substantially reduced, and in some cases, they may decline the opportunity to take the vehicle as a trade in.  We consider all factors including; Year of manufacture, pre accident value, and level of damage sustained, before performing a calculation to arrive at the monetary amount for which you or your client should be reimbursed.

Desktop reports

We are great believers that there is no substitution for a physical inspection, but we understand there are circumstances under which a Desktop Report may be necessary.  This service would be most beneficial to Insurance providers and fleet management companies who require a same day decision on repair authorisation or verification that a repair account is order to pay. We can provide the following report types via desktop:

  • Accident Damage reports
  • Valuation reports
  • Salvage value / categorisation
  • Diminution in value report
  • Consistency report / dispute in liability
  • Repair account approval

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